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About Andy Dingfelder

Andy has over 20 years of technology leadership experience in Software Testing / Development / Project Management and Team Leadership in multiple industry sectors, including: Telco, Healthcare, Technology and government. He is currently working as a Senior Test Consultant for Planit Software Testing.

Master's Degree in Public Information Information Systems, and over 10 years of board governance experience for multiple organisations.

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Andy Dingfelder lives in the Wellington region, New Zealand with his wife and two daughters.

Max Dingfelder’s Maximotor B-4 In-line Engine

    Maximotors were built by Max Dingfelder in Detroit, Michigan, around 1911 to 1913. Models included four- and six-cylinder in-line and V-8 water-cooled engines. This 52 kw (70 hp) Model B-4 Maximotor was the last of several that powered Thomas … Continue reading

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The Rudy Dingfelder family of Plauen, Germany

  According to The  United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Dingfelder family of Plauen, Germany, owned a kosher meat shop in the 1920s and ’30s. When Nazi anti-Jewish measures intensified, eldest son Martin emigrated to America. In 1939 the rest … Continue reading

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Other stuff of interest

Listed in the menu on the left you will find some random articles that you may find interesting. If you do like the articles, please give me credit if you use any of the information. Links to this website are … Continue reading

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The Quintisential Slinky Page

 Talk about a flash back to the 90s… I found this web page on an old server and thought you might enjoy it:   The one true page devoted to the Kwa of Slinkyness   1.  Bite the slinky Use … Continue reading

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Grateful Dead – Scarlet Begonias

drums and guitar come in first I.    B                            2x–                                             /  16 x 16 x 16––  2  2  2 / 14 x 14 x 14  6 7 / 9 x 9 x 9–now this isn’t … Continue reading

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grateful dead – shakedown street

 4/4  intro                        main verse|———-|———–|———|———–|—————5-|-7————||———-|———–|———|———–|——–7-10-7—|—5h7-5h7—-||-5——–|———–|5——–|———–|-5–5————|————–||———-|———–|———|———–|—————–|————–| verse 2 -“maybe because its midnight” (phil basically doodles around in E7, D7, and A7 chords where appropriate)|——–|——–|——–|——–|——–|——–|——–|———-|———||—E—-|—D—-|—-E—|—-D—|—-E—|—-D—|—-A—|———-|12/——||——–|——–|——–|——–|——–|——–|——–|55-555-5-5|———||——–|——–|——–|——–|——–|——–|——–|———-|———|  “don’t tell me”           chorus – “nothin’s shakin’”|———-|————|————–3-|-5————||———-|————|——–5-8-5—|—3h5-3h5—-||-5——–|-3———-|-3–3———–|————–||———-|——-5/8–|—————-|————–|

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Grateful Dead – China cat sunflower


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Grateful Dead – Fire on the Mountain

This is the intro verse and chorus it repeats through the whole song. G—————————————-D—–9-9——–9-9—–7-7————A———-9——————-5-6-7—-E–7———-7——-5—————–

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Grateful Dead – Franklins Tower

G|—————————–|D|—————————–|A|————–5-5–5-5——-|E|5-5—5-3-3————-3-3-5| This one is quite simple, just jam on the same 3 notes or jam octives a bit 🙂

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Grateful Dead – Good Lovin

 main riffG|——————|D|——————|A|3-3—————|E|—-1-1–3-3-3-1-1|  riff 1G|——————–|D|——————–|A|3————-1—–|E|–1-3–1-3-1—-3-1-|

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