Michael Dingfelder

Michael Dingfelder
MarriageFelicitas SammetingerView this family

Birth of a son
Wilhelm Dingfelder
August 26, 1844
Birth of a daughter
Margaretha Barbara Dingfelder
March 26, 1851

Birth of a grandson
John Dingfelder
June 26, 1874
Birth of a grandson
William Dingfelder
January 11, 1886
Death of a wifeFelicitas Sammetinger
September 10, 1894

Death of a sonWilhelm Dingfelder
February 13, 1906
Death of a daughterMargaretha Barbara Dingfelder
October 20, 1927


It is believed that Wilhelm Dingfelder, son of Felicitas Sammetinger, was born out of wedlock, and may have been given Michael Dingfelder's name even though the father could have been someone else.