Johann Wolfgang Dingfelder, 1776

Johann Wolfgang /Dingfelder/
November 7, 1776 (aged 0 days)
Birth of a brotherJoahnn Michael Dingfelder
August 21, 1781 (aged 4 years)
Death of a fatherJohann Nicholaus Dingfelder

Death of a motherAnna Margaretha Maar


Family with parents
Marriage MarriageJanuary 3, 1769Taschendorf, Bavaria
8 years
Baptism: ChristeningNovember 7, 1776Markt Taschendorf, Mittelfranken, Bayern
younger brother

Title: E-mail from Dave Hahn ( Dated 10/13/00 Text: Ed, I have a pretty positive connection with your Dingfelder/Dungfelders. Your Margaretha is a sister of my John L.

Johann Michael Dingfelder was born in Taschendorf, Bavaria on 8/21/1781 to Johann Nicholas Dingfelder and Anna Margaretha Mahr. He was one of five children: Johann Wolfgang b 1776 Johann michael b 1781 Lorenz b 1784 Margaretha Barbara b 1779 Margaretha Barbara b 1785 (I would say the 1st Margaretha died young)

Johann Michael Dingfelder married Mary Barbara Walz in 1804. They had 9 children, 5 girls and 4 boys. Margaretha Dingfelder b 10/4/1812 married Schnieder Mary Barbara Dingfelder b. 4/3/1819 married George Hoffman John L. Dingfelder b 1818 married Hannah Speer Kunigenda Dingfelder b. ?

John Dingfelder married Barbara Wagner John Andrew Dingfelder married Mary B Wiermayer Maria Dingfelder married John Leonhard Hamlin

There was an older daughter who died in Germany and Margaretha Barbara Walz also died prior to immigration. The family entered the USA at Baltimore in about 1840 and eventually settled in Pittsburg, PA. Eventually the family all ended up in Butler County Ohio.

Thats what I have now. I do have some more on the children of John L. Dingfelder and am researching other Dingfelders. Do you have any questions? Feel free to write.

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