confusing review of devices

I’m still looking at Media PCs and selecting one is very confusing

Trademe has a heap of AndroidTVs

Very hard to weed through all these, and even within one product, there are variations

  • some have different versions of firmware, I want the latest androidTV for instance – 7.1, where others have as old as v4-6
  • some have different chipsets (and some claim to be fast)
  • others that appear to be the same have some fundamental differences such as some support USB 2 whereas others have 3.o

Then if one were confused… ignoring Trademe, one might go the route of reading reviews to see which is best.  For example:

These reviews tend to rate devices like the ShieldTV very high, and most I have seen don’t rate devices I am seeing on Trademe at all.

It will be interesting to see what the best option is.



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