Day 19 of 30 (in 30 days of Geek) – Most hated computing environment

Day 19 –Most hated computing environment

I have to say I don’t really HATE any computing environment, but I like some better than others.

I find strengths and weaknesses in all of the main operating systems, I like Mac, Linux and Windows, each for their own reasons.

Most of the development I have recently done has been in an IDE such as Eclipse (for C++, Java, PHP and Python) or Netbeans for Java.

But I have used Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual Studio, and others as well, and I find that all of those IDEs have their strengths.  I even liked the old borland turbo pascal and turbo c compilers back in the day, they were a big improvement over doing it by hand.   Much better than writing make files.

Going back a while, I learned HTML using notepad (on PC) and vi on unix before there were IDEs, and I am comfortable falling back to the command line (bash is my preferred shell).

I guess if I really had to answer, my least favorite was a VAX mainframe for COBOL, followed by DOS batch shell development.

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