Day 30 of 30 (in 30 days of Geek) – Where do you see technology advancing in the next 20 years – and where will you fit in?

Day 30 – Where do you see technology advancing in the next 20 years – and where will you fit in?

I believe the next 20 years will bring a lot of new and exciting technology.  But that is too long to predict what will occur.

  • I think HTML5 will finally be here, and the iPhone/Android wars will be over.
  • Java will still be in use.  And so will COBOL 🙂
  • We should have cool virtual reality glasses by then, or a system that will project as a hologram instead of  requiring a monitor.
  • The idea in movies of not needing a keyboard or mouse (and manipulating objects in the holographic projection) seems really cool.  Can they pull it off?  No clue.
  • All monitors will be touch screens.  And all glass will be tough like iPhone screens.
  • All cars will have integrated technology, a monitor for communication, traffic, GPS and more, instead of a stereo.

Where will I fit in?  I am most happy when I am working with others, communicating and managing.  I am good with technology, and I will stay involved with tech topics, but I do not see myself doing much active development, except as a hobby.  I see myself as a CTO or Business Technology Manager for a large firm in 20 years, somewhere I can focus on strategic planning and guiding others into successful decisions.

That’s it for the 30 Days  of Geek series of blog posts.   I will now move on to some topics in other areas, but it has been fun !

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Andy is a CISO/CTO in the fintech sector with over 20 years of experience in Software Delivery and Team Leadership in multiple industry domains. Master's Degree (MPA) in Public Administration Information Systems and over 10 years of board governance experience for multiple organisations. Full bio is available at: and links available at or follow him on Twitter at Andy lives in the Wellington region, New Zealand with his wife and two daughters.
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