Day 6 of 30 (in 30 days of Geek) – Primary geek fuel (snacks/drinks)

This is Day 6 of 30 (in 30 days of Geek)…

Primary geek fuel (snacks/drinks)

I really like Coffee.  My personal favourite is using an Aeropress


The coffee they make is much better than a drip maker, and a lot less hassle than an espresso machine.  And no yucky coffee grinds floating in your cup like you get with a french press.

When I am not drinking coffee, I am firm believer in good water, or coke zero if I really feel the need for a cold carbonated beverage.   Unless it is after work, when I do enjoy a home brew beer or a single malt scotch.   But more about that another time.

Snacks?   I do like pizza, and I do have a sweet-tooth.  Speaking of pizza, I worked a long time ago as a pizza manager (for Pizza Hut and Little Caesers) and ate pizza every day for about 3 years.  (But yes, I still like it… I am just very picky in my pizza selection).


— Ding


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