Dingfelder Motor Company

Dingfelder (1903) was an automobile brand produced by the Dingfelder Motor Company


The Dingfelder Motor Company was located at 958 Jefferson Street in Detroit, and had an auto garage at 41-43 Washington Street.

In 1903 they produced a number of 2 passenger runabouts.

The Dingfelder weighed 500 lb (225 kg) and had a 3.5 hp one cylinder motor.

One magazine reported that “Mr (Max) Dingfelder is held in high esteem for his honorable business methods and sterling integrity,” and “the machine has been very well received by the local trade and a nice business is anticipated.”

dingfelder motor company


The car business did not survive into 1904, but Max Dingfelder did better with boats, and won a big race that was sponsored by the Detroit Yacht Club in 1906 with his auto boat “999”.


Shown below is the Dingfelder Motor Company’s factory on Jefferson Street

Factory on Jefferson Street

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