Hot New Project

I have started a HOT new project.

My house is HOT when the weather heats up. Why?
Because house technology is a bit backwards here in New Zealand.

Imagine this:

  • The temperature goes up outside.
  • The temperature in the attic goes up to 45 degrees C (113 F).
  • Even though the house has roof insulation, the temperature still goes up in the house because the insulation cannot stop all the heat, and there are air gaps around every down light.
  • Everyone is hot, so we open the windows.
  • Because there are no screens on windows, bugs come in.
  • The kids are crying because they are hot and cannot sleep.


Or imagine this:

  • The temperature goes up outside.
  • A thermostat detects the temperature change.
  • Flaps opens to allow air to move, and fans turn on.
  • Hot air rises out of the attic, through multiple roof vents, and the temp in the attic does not rise.
  • Temperatures do not go up in the house.
  • No need to open the windows.
  • Everyone is happy. Peace.

Which sounds better?

We have started a new project to develop an thermostatic multi-zone roof venting system to control attic temperatures.  I have now gotten the central controller, and am selecting the remote temperature sensors.


I can’t give away a lot more details at this stage but I will share the progress as we go.




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