JBuilder Registration Woes…

Because of continuing registration issues, I thought it would be interesting to post my thoughts…

The place I work has a poor internet connection (hundreds of employees share a limited isp connection so download bandwidth is limited and large downloads are frowned upon) so I got Codegear (aka Borland) to send me a JBuilder CD.

When I first installed the app, it installed well, but when I went to register, the licensing application responded that the registraion file I was trying was not valid.

It turns out that my installation media was “JBuilder 2007 Enterprise” instead of “JBuilder 2007 Enterprise Trial”. I reported it to the NZ reps of Codegear and they shipped me a trial CD to replace it. I then uninstalled JBuilder and reinstalled the trial version.

Unfortunately, it seems JBuilder perhaps does not like having the trial version installed after the non-trial version, as the license mgr still will not accept trial keys.

So, 2 months later, I am still using an unregistered version which is not good, as I can not use any of the Borland enhancements, even the free ones that come with the foundation version.

I want to purchase one of the Codegear versions, (possibily even the Enterprise version) but I will not do so until I have tried out the functionality. Until then, I am stuck with a blaoted version of Eclipse that has not extra functionality.

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