ProjectAssist Update:

Quick update to my last post:

While I have been recently confronted with some issues with codegear’s new suite of product, I do respect their willingness to resolve issue and make things right. I posted a note about my issue on the borland newsgropups and got a response this morning…

First, let me apologize for your trouble. The trial edition should make that more clear. The way the trial edition works is that it lets you create projects and users on our server. This was done because not everyone wants to have the full stack installed locally just to evaluate a feature. I have to agree, this should be more clear.

At the same time, un-installing existing components isn’t necessary. In general you just need to specify a different port number and service name for things like MySQL. There is a bug in apache that prevents the version we ship from being installed twice on the same machine, but different versions should be OK.

This feature works really well, and our update release (available this quarter) will add some pretty interesting new capabilities and expanded platform support to ProjectAssist.

Why don’t you contact me off line and we’ll see if we can work something out so you can try the non-crippled version?


I will post another update on this when I know more.

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