Ruth Unknown, 1670

Ruth /Unknown/
Given names
Birth 1670

MarriageJohn (Lanphere) LanphearView this family

Birth of a sonJohn (Lanphere) Lanphear II
1703 (aged 33 years)
Birth of a sonDaniel (Lanphere) Lanphear
1705 (aged 35 years)

Birth of a daughterAnna (Lanphere) Lanphear
1707 (aged 37 years)

Birth of a daughterExperience Lanphere
April 8, 1709 (aged 39 years)
Note: Experience was born in 1709 , daughter of John Lanphere and Ruth Unknown. She was the first wife of…

Experience was born in 1709 , daughter of John Lanphere and Ruth Unknown. She was the first wife of John Satterlee and she had eleven children. She died before December 1748, when her widower married again.

Church Records Derivative Primary Source, James N. Arnold, Vital Records of Rhode Island. 1636-1850, Volume X. Town and Church [1] Vital Records of Rhode Island, Volume 10, Town and Church; Data Extract: ) 1708-1785 Hopkinton, RI SDBC membership; pages 92-116: Experience Satterly, was cited as a member of the Hopkinton, Rhode Island Seventh Day Baptist Church (SDBC) on the 1740 membership roll. Seondary Source, Randolph R Beebe, Cross Reference: 1708-1785 Hopkinton, RI SDBC members to Wikitree Profiles; [2] ) Hopkinton SDBC Cross Reference member: Experience Satterly ID=(S1.2) HSDBC member 1740. ) Other family who were members of the HSDBC: ) Husband: John Satterly ) Daughter: Prudence Newberry.

Birth of a daughterRuth Lanphear
1709 (aged 39 years)

Birth of a sonNathan Lanphear
1710 (aged 40 years)

Birth of a daughterMary (Lanphere) Lanphear
1713 (aged 43 years)

Birth of a daughterPatience (Lanphere) Lanphear
1715 (aged 45 years)

Birth of a sonAmos (Lanphere) Lanphear
1717 (aged 47 years)
Birth of a daughterDorothy (Lanphere) Lanphear
1720 (aged 50 years)

Birth of a granddaughterAmy Satterlee
1723 (aged 53 years)

Birth of a granddaughterDorothy Satterlee
1724 (aged 54 years)

Birth of a granddaughterMary Satterlee
1725 (aged 55 years)

Birth of a grandsonWilliam Satterlee
1727 (aged 57 years)

Marriage of a childJohn SatterleeExperience LanphereView this family
January 5, 1727 (aged 57 years)
Death of a daughterDorothy (Lanphere) Lanphear
1727 (aged 57 years)

Birth of a daughterKesiah (Lanphere) Lanphear
1727 (aged 57 years)

Birth of a granddaughterPrudence Satterlee
July 28, 1739 (aged 69 years)

Birth of a grandsonGideon Satterlee
1743 (aged 73 years)

Death of a daughterRuth Lanphear
1743 (aged 73 years)

Death of a daughterAnna (Lanphere) Lanphear
1748 (aged 78 years)

Death of a daughterExperience Lanphere
December 4, 1748 (aged 78 years)
Birth of a grandsonJoseph Satterlee
1749 (aged 79 years)

Death of a husbandJohn (Lanphere) Lanphear
May 30, 1757 (aged 87 years)

Death of a daughterPatience (Lanphere) Lanphear
1763 (aged 93 years)

Death of a granddaughterDorothy Satterlee
1767 (aged 97 years)

Death of a granddaughterPrudence Satterlee
1770 (aged 100 years)

Birth of a granddaughterEunice Satterlee
1774 (aged 104 years)

Death of a sonJohn (Lanphere) Lanphear II
May 29, 1775 (aged 105 years)

Death of a grandsonWilliam Satterlee
1780 (aged 110 years)

Death of a granddaughterMary Satterlee
February 21, 1783 (aged 113 years)

Death of a sonDaniel (Lanphere) Lanphear
December 29, 1788 (aged 118 years)

Family with John (Lanphere) Lanphear
Marriage Marriage
3 years
3 years
2 years
Birth: April 8, 1709 28 39Westerly, Washington County, Rhode Island
Death: December 4, 1748Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island
9 months
2 years
4 years
3 years
3 years
4 years
8 years