Zachariah Sanford, 16441713 (aged 69 years)

Zachariah /Sanford/
Given names
Family with parents
Birth: November 1, 1615 29 27Stanstead, County Essex, England
Death: June 4, 1676Hartford, Connecticut
Birth: 1624England
Death: September 7, 1682Hartford, Connecticut
Marriage Marriage
Birth: 1644 28 20Hartford, Connecticut, Colonial America
Death: January 18, 1713Hartford, Connecticut, Colonial America
Family with Sarah Willett
Birth: 1644 28 20Hartford, Connecticut, Colonial America
Death: January 18, 1713Hartford, Connecticut, Colonial America
Birth: 1658 40 18New Haven, Connecticut
Death: 1714Hartford, Connecticut
Marriage Marriage
Birth: August 4, 1692 48 34Hartford, Hartford Colony, Connecticut, Colonial America
Death: November 2, 1774Hartford, Hartford Colony, Connecticut, Colonial America

Disputed Wife Arthur Adams in his 1905 Genealogy of the Adams family named Ann wife of Robert Sanford as a daughter of Jeremy Adams and his wife. This was to justify a bequest made by Jeremy to Zachary Sanford.[1] Such a justification was unneeded. Zachary was legitimately related by his marriage to Sarah Willett, daughter of Nathaniel Willett and Sarah (Adams) Willett. Arthur Adams in his 1955 version of the same family, no longer mentions Ann as a daughter of Jeremy.[2] Anderson's Great Migration Series does not recognize Ann the wife Robert Sanford as a daughter of Jeremy Adams[3] Robert Sanford Birth 1615-11-01 Stanstead, Mountfitchet, Essex, England Christening 1615 Marriage 1643 The earliest date we have found on the Hartford Records in connection with Robert, is the birth of his daughter, Elizabeth, early in 1645.

Hinman, in his Catalogue of the First Puritan Setters, has Robert in Hartford as early as 1640; Savage in his Genealogical Dictionary of New England gives 1645 as his date of arrival; and William S. Porter in Historical Notes of Connecticut has him living on lots 61 and 62 on Burr Street, in 1655.

His name appears in the list of freeman of October 13, 1669. The Records of the General Assembly show that he was granted eighty acres of the undivided lands in October 1672. He was also a land holder at Windsor as early as 1652, or earlier.

The Inventory of his estate taken 9 Jun 1676, gave a total valuation of £414.5.6. His will, unfinished and unsigned, is recorded in the Connecticut Probate Records, Vol. I. Court action on it is appended.

"The Court having considered a writing presented and attested as the last will of Robert Sandford, Sen'r., deceased, and finding it short of the full disspose of his whole estate do allow and approve of the said writing as far as it goeth," and in addition ordered that the widow should have £60 absolutely, and that after her death, Robert, the youngest son should pay to his brother, Ezekiel, £30 as his portion; Zachary was to be given £25 additional, and the five daughters were to receive £21 each. The land adjoining Colio[??]'s houselot was to be part of his wife's portion. It was decreed that Zachary should have, as a part of his share, lands at the upper end of the North Meadow and in Windsor.

At the time of making his will, Robert, at the age of 60, was evidently a sick man, for he died before he could finish it. That he was a kind and thoughtful man, concerned for the best interest of his family, is apparent. Two of his daughters were already married, and his son Ezekiel had gone to Eastern Long Island to build his home in the new settlement of Southampton. To each of the remaining sons, Robert left a house and lot, but he wished his estate kept intact for the use of his widow as long as she should live.

From Mrs. Sandford's will, we learn that her husband's estate was settled 6 December 1676, and shortly after that on the 29th of December, that year, the Selectmen of Hartford bound out John Arnold as an apprentice to Mrs. Ann Sandford for fifteen years and three months, until he should be twenty one years old. As an example of the old time custom relating to apprentices, we quote from this document: "Ann Sandford did bind hereslfe, her heirs, executors or administrators, to teach him or cause him to be taught to read the Bible & to mayntayn him the whole Tearme with all necessaries & at the end thereof to set hims free & to give him Two good suits of Apparell, both linin and wollen, one for Sabboth dayes & one for working dayes & to give him five pounds in currant country pay." [4]

Mrs. Ann Sandford made her will 12 July 1682, and it was presented to the County Court on the 7th of the following September. In it she mentions the kindly care of her daughters Hannah and Abigail, who have been "tender" of her all along and "abode" with her, and of her son Robert who also "hath adobe" with her and "carried on her occasions" and provided for her the "seven years past".[5]

Children of Robert and Anne (Unknown) Sandford.[5]

Zachariah (Lt.) b. 1644 m. 1678, Sarah Willett (Cousin) Elizabeth b. Feb 19 1645; m. in 1667 Joseph Collier Ezekiel b. Mar 13 1647 m. Hannah Mitchell Mary b. 1650 m. in 1671 John Camp Robert b. 1656; m Mary Pratt Sarah b. 1661 m. in 1678 William Paine Hannah m. John Pratt Abigail unmarried