Getting ready for eclipse on Gentoo

Getting ready for eclipse 3.3 on Gentoo, I first need to get my system configured to use a more recent version of Java instead of the default 1.4.

Here is a site dedicated to gentoo java:

the first thing to do is emerge java

get rid of old versions
# emerge -C java-config
add the newest
# emerge -uND java-config

to see what versions are installed, do:

# java-config --list-available-vms
The following VMs are available for generation-2:
1) Blackdown JDK [blackdown-jdk-1.4.2]
2) Blackdown JRE [blackdown-jre-1.4.2]
3) Blackdown 32bit JRE [emul-linux-x86-java-1.4.2]
4) Sun 32bit JRE [emul-linux-x86-java-1.5]
5) Kaffe 1.1.7 [kaffe]
*) Sun JDK [sun-jdk-1.5]

to change the jvm, do:

(By handle (preferred))
# java-config --set-system-vm blackdown-jdk-1.4
Now using blackdown-jdk-1.4 as your generation-2 system JVM
(By number)
# java-config --set-system-vm 6
Now using sun-jdk-1.5 as your generation-2 system JVM

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