I got my tuner card

In the next phase of my mediaPC project, I bought a tuner card today – I selected a WinTV-dualHD TV Tuner, because of the following reasons:

  • the price was reasonable – about 100$ from PBTech
  • It is supported by Plex for live-tv.  See this page for supported hardware
  • good features – allows recording two channels at once or watching one while recording another.    supposedly allows Picture In Picture as well but I wont be using their windows app, will need to see how well it works from within kodi and/or plex.


more to come once I get my media box.

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Andy has over 20 years of technology leadership experience in Software Testing / Development / Project Management and Team Leadership in multiple industry sectors, including: Telco, Healthcare, Technology and government. He is currently working as a Senior Test Consultant for Planit Software Testing. Master's Degree in Public Information Information Systems, and over 10 years of board governance experience for multiple organisations. Full bio is available at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/dingfelder Follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/dingfelder Andy Dingfelder lives in the Wellington region, New Zealand with his wife and two daughters.
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