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I believe I am done looking at cord cutting solutions.

There are many solutions out there, and they all claim to be superior.  Basically it comes down to the following requirements:

  •  Need a media box of some sort.  Could be a PC (Windows, Linux, Mac or a variant such as Raspberry Pi), or an AndroidTV (or one of several variants such as Nvidia Shield, Amazon Fire etc.  All have their own pros and cons
  • A tuner (either standalone hardware, a USB card, or a PCI card if using a PC)
  • A recording device (or a media PC that is capable) if you want to be able to record, along with media to record to
  • a digital antenna or a satellite dish.  Note that a satellite dish will not provide High Definition signal (at least in NZ) and offers less channels.

I have decided to go with:

  • an AndroidTV solution along with a USB tuner card (which plugs into an antenna for local Freeview)
  • Kodi software running on the media box for streaming content
  • Plex for (recorded) local media
  • Local NAS for network storage

More details in the next few days about my decisions (and whether they were wise)

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