Day 28 of 30 (in 30 days of Geek) – How many computers lying about the house?

Day 28 – How many computers lying about the house?

Too Many.

  • I am typing this on a Dell Inspiron 1764, which has a nice wide 17″ screen for development.
  • Linda has a Dell 15″ laptop, which she uses for her Vet applictions and financial software.
  • The kids (and I) use a MacBook as a family PC, along with a 24″ ViewSonic LED monitor
  • I have 3 older PCs of various speeds which are still alive.  One is occassionaly used as a media center, one as a print and file sever, and the last might become a PC for the garage or clinic.
  • Our 2 old laptops are still alive, one is a HP, the other a Compaq.  The Compaq has not been turned on in a few years, it”s power supply connection is unstable and the USB ports are flaky.
  • We also have a Wii and an XBOX but I guess those might not count 🙂

So, the count is something like 8 total, 4-5 are useful.

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