Day 3 of 30 (in 30 days of Geek) – What does your day job involve?

This is Day 3 of 30 (in 30 days of Geek)…

What does your day job involve?

At the moment, I am working on a Java software application, which is used by researchers tracking wild animals.

This tool is used to download and configure GPS data from tracking collars (via USB Serial connections), and also aquires location data from the Argos satellite network.  Once data is gathered, the software application stores it in a centralised database allowing the researcher to view and export data for external procesing, or save data for Google Earth.

In addition to Java development, I frequently dig into

  • SQL (MYSQL, SQLServer and Apache Derby) for application development and reporting
  • PHP (for our internal intranet)
  • and even have to deal with embedded C (which runs on our tracking hardware)

I also administer our

  • version control system (Subversion)
  • documentation system (mediawiki)
  • intranet website (joomla)
  • issue tracking system (mantis)

To keep things interesting, I also am working on

  • software test plans
  • end user documentation
  • database administration
  • IT support
  • customer (end user) support for software problems

We have some really cool applications, there is a never ending amt of work to do, and there is a pretty good variety of activities, so the work is never boring.

About andy dingfelder

Andy is a CISO/CTO in the fintech sector with over 20 years of experience in Software Delivery and Team Leadership in multiple industry domains. Master's Degree (MPA) in Public Administration Information Systems and over 10 years of board governance experience for multiple organisations. Full bio is available at: and links available at or follow him on Twitter at Andy lives in the Wellington region, New Zealand with his wife and two daughters.
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