Max Dingfelder’s Maximotor B-4 In-line Engine


¬†¬†Maximotors were built by Max Dingfelder in Detroit, Michigan, around 1911 to 1913. Models included four- and six-cylinder in-line and V-8 water-cooled engines. This 52 kw (70 hp) Model B-4 Maximotor was the last of several that powered Thomas S. Baldwin’s Red Devil III aircraft. Maximotors were used on aircraft such as those built by Wright, Curtiss, Bleriot, and Farman and Antoinette.

Date: 1912Dimensions:

Length 104 .1 (41.0 in.),

Width 40.6 cm (16.0 in.),

Height 273.7 cm (9.0 in.)

Inventory Number: A19500094005


Physical Description:
Type: In-line, 4 cylinders, liquid-cooled
Power rating: 52 KW (70 hp) at 1,500 rpm
Displacement: 7.0 L (430 cu in)
Bore and Stroke: 12.7 cm (5.0 in) x 14.0 cm (5.5 in)
Weight (wet): 118 kg (260 lb) (3.71 lb/hp)
Condition: Appears complete; on stand.


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