ProjectAssist Installation Errors (part 1)

After concluding that ProjectAssist does not like “partial installs”, I decided to go with the complete install.

I cleaned up the XP install (removed apache, tomcat, mysql etc and made sure there were no registry entries or services) and fired up ProjectAssist.

Creating a new configuration was pretty straightforward, all I had to change from the defaults was to set my smtp server address.

I pretty quickly got an error at the step where it was configuring maven2. The error I received was:

Warnings and/or errors were posted. Click the "Details" button to see the install log.
Installation failed: Error creating sample project with Maven
com.borland.dsib.r.g.a(Unknown Source)
com.borland.dsib.r.g.d(Unknown Source)
com.borland.dsib.r.g.a(Unknown Source)
com.borland.dsib.r.d.d(Unknown Source)
com.borland.dsib.ub.b(Unknown Source)
com.borland.dsib.ub.h(Unknown Source)
com.borland.dsib.ub.a(Unknown Source)
com.borland.dsib.utilities.m.a(Unknown Source)
com.borland.dsib.utilities.m.access$0(Unknown Source)
com.borland.dsib.utilities.m$ Source)

Looking into this error, it seems that Maven needs internet access to update it’s dependencies.

Unfortunately, this access is not documented in the ProjectAssist info. Furthermore, I am in a corporate environment which requires me to go through a proxy server. I don’t have a problem with the access issue, as long as the proxy works. Unfortunately,although I do have my proxy set (under eclipse) Maven does not use that setting. I have the blame here as I should have remembered the maven proxy issue… I had the same problem a month ago when I tried to get the eclipse maven2 plug-in working. Maven does not use eclipse settings, as they want to be IDE independent, so it instead requires a settings.xml file to be defined and placed in a .m2 directory. That settings.xml file is where you define the proxy settings.

My suggestion here to the CodeGear team would be to have ProjectAssist read the eclipse proxy setting and automagically create the settings.xml file for you, or add the proxy section if it already exists.

IMHO, a lot of (most?) ProjectAssist users will run into this issue — considering the price of the enterprise edition, I have doubts that many non-corporate users will fork out a couple of thousand bucks, so I suspect I am in the “normal” category of users here.

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